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I L L U S T R A T I O N S *

B L A C K  P U B L I C  M E D I A ( B P M ) 

Brand System & Website Design

The Black Experience

In the Fall of 2019, Black Public Media (BPM) reached out to Ghost Note Agency to create a refresh of their current branding identity and website. The organization’s platform serves as a source to support media content centered around the global Black experience. They do this by funding, producing, and distributing material for African American creators and visionaries across the world. The project initiative was to create a rebrand that resembled its former identity in addition to a culturally artistic/modern brand system to accompany it.  After deciphering through a few concept directions with my former colleagues, this was the direction that was eventually approved and finalized.

The live website design can be viewed here.

L O G O  
&  C L E A R A N C E

P A T T E R N  S Y S T E M

The BPM pattern system is a universal design element. Bringing a dynamic feeling of movement and layering along with pops of color. These can be used singularly or in combination with any graphic.

Each is interchangeable in color and size.

The inspired themes that contributed to the thought process behind these elements are as listed:
  • Circles - Popping /Circular/ Afro Shape Hair
  • Plus - Addition/Advancement/Premium
  • Parallel Lines- Constant Streaming/Production
  • Zig-Zag- Community/Meeting/Ups & Downs

A L T E R N A T I V E  P A T T E R N S

Upon usage of the original patterns, they can be customized in variations of color and size . There are a few extensive pieces that can branch off and be applied to social, promotional, and web materials. Shown here is an extension of the plus symbol pattern into an expressive movement pattern.