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Collection Of Branding Marks & Symbols

Logos are more than just symbols. They are communicative pieces that tell the stories and reveal the identities of organizations and individuals. I have a deep passion and facsination for the curation of logos. Which is the driving force for why I love creating them so much. Whether for clientele or for the sport, making marks is an art in itself.

The following are just a few from my overall collection. To view a few more works, feel free to view my logo profile on ‘LogoLounge’ by clicking on my reward badge below.

Brkadwn- Clothing Line
E.LizeE.LizéMusical Artist
pH Lvls- Musical Playlist
KardiaKardia- Digital Art Series

HelixHelix- Sound Engineering Application
Women Mentors-
STEM Organization
PanoramaPanorama- Personal Mark
LogoLounge 12
Puppy-LuvPuppy Luv- Dog Grooming Service
LogoLounge 12