content="Shawn Banks - Illustrator Designer"

D R E A M 

Brand System

The world we are fighting for

Dream Defenders is a Florida-based social justice organization seeking to spark change in their local communities but also beyond its stomping grounds. The organization was in need of a brand system, as it had been operating without one. Their content and deliverables had no specific creative direction or vision.  So that’s what was provided to them in the form of dynamic animated pieces, a comprehensive brand guide, and accompanying collateral materials. From the variety of colors, textures, and photography. The Dream Defenders brand tells a story of a young group of individuals who are making a bold statement. A collection of dreamers who are fighting a system suppressing freedoms of those who are underrepresented in this world.

The textures in this brand provided depth and expression to the various design applications. For all of the graphic collateral, the following textures and filter treatments were utilized in the specified applications.

The inspired themes that contributed to the thought process behind these elements are as listed:
A. Brand color gradient w/light grain texture. (Web graphics & posters)B. Worn black photocopy paper
. (Social graphics & posters)
C. Warped photocopy paper
. (Social, promotional, and poster graphics)
D. White seamless textured paper (Social graphics & posters)